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List of bluesign® approved chemical products of Transfar

Time : 2020-03-16

In 2005, Transfar has established the ecological safety management & control system. Over the years, Transfar regards creating value for consumers as our responsibility, developing new technologies and new products to lead a healthy development of the industry with the concept of environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. We will make unremitting efforts for a sustainable development of global textile supply chain.
In 2015, Transfar took the strategic cooperation with bluesign technologies and became bluesign® system partner. Thereby Transfar has made another great step forward towards a responsible, sustainable and greener textile chemicals future. Transfar fully agrees with the five principles of bluesign® system and practices actively in our own management system. With the propulsion of bluesign certification, Transfar will further explore the transformation of textile industry from terminal control to source control, creating a sustainable, healthy and responsible green textile supply chain with the whole industry!
Now, Transfar’ some typical products have been approved by bluesign technologies and registered in bluesign®bluefinder. And of course we will keep updating and add new products into our portfolio frequently.
We confirm that all products mentioned in this list are bluesign® approved chemical products.

List of bluesign® approved chemical products of Transfar-2020

                                        Transfar Zhilian Co.,Ltd.
July 15 th, 2020


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